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I     Location

Our tennis club is located in San Manuel, a few kilometers North of the Puerto Princesa airport.

From the Puerto Princesa City center or the airport, the access is easy. We take the North Highway and, after the Paleco building, we turn right to the Solid Road (previously, San Pedro Sea Road III) up to the number 111. Our premises are located a1 km after the GMA radio station.

The enclosed drawings show the position of Puerto Princesa in the Philippines map, the position of our premises in the map of Puerto Princesa and the location of the tennis courts inside our premises


II     Tennis courts pictures

The enclosed pictures present our 2 tennis courts.


III     Tennis club services & rates

The "La Paragua Tennis Club" is open to all tennis players, members of the club or not.

All players can book their courts up to one week in advance. In case of overbooking, the club members and the residents of our premises have the priority on the other players.

The managements provides some services such as the access to our bar/restaurant, showers & restrooms, pullot girl/boy services and rental of some equipments.

Periodically, the club organizes tournaments. These tournaments can be open to all players or specific to one group, in single or double, for adult mixte, adult males, adult female or children, sponsored by a corporation with prize money or without sponsors & prizes.

Under reserve of promotions or seasonal modifications done by the management, the "La Paragua Tennis Club" rates are :

Non-Members Hourly cost (day) : 75 Pesos
Hourly cost (with artificial light) : 150 Pesos
Regular Members Inscriptions : 1,000 Pesos
Monthly due : 100 Pesos (or 1,000 per year)
Hourly cost (day) : 25 Pesos per court
Hourly cost (with artificial light) : 75 Pesos
"Gold" Members Inscriptions : 1,000 Pesos
Monthly due : 500 Pesos (or 5,000 per year)
Hourly cost (day) : 0 Pesos per court
Hourly cost (with artificial light) : 25 Pesos
If there is a mix of members and non-members or of different categories of members, the court usage is computed individually for each player.
If a booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours of notice while there is not rain on the planned playing time, the court fee is due to the Tennis club.
If a court usage is perturbed because of the rain, the time booked but non played due to the rain, is not charged to the players.
The VAT is included in our rates.
We accept payments in american dollars with an exchange rate of 1 dollar = 50 Pesos and a surcharge of 1 dollar per invoice.

IV     Tennis courts rules

Our San Manuel Tennis courts are the most recent and beautiful that exist in Puerto Princesa City. Highly qualified professional persons from Puerto Princesa and Gum built them with the best technical options. Our substrate is imported from Australia and is the same than used for the international competitions.

To allow players to enjoy quality tennis recreation activities on a quality substrate we defined some rules that apply to the players as well as to the spectators. We ask the cooperation of all our guests to respects them and to help our employees to serve you efficiently.

Tennis court substrate protection
<> Only white rubber tennis shoes are authorized inside the tennis courts.
<> Any bag that could damage the tennis courts substrate is prohibited.
<> No food or drinks allowed inside the tennis courts.
<> No chewing gum and betel nut allowed inside the tennis courts.
<> No restaurant chairs or tables can be set on the substrate.
<> Roller-skating, bikes & skateboards are not allowed on the substrate.

<> Only tennis wear or decent beach wear are authorized inside the tennis courts.
<> In case of both courts are used, the spectators have to stay silent.
<> The management will take no responsibility in case of any injuries or loss of valuables.

V     How to contact us?

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