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I     Location

Our restaurant is located in San Manuel, a few kilometers North of the Puerto Princesa airport.

From the Puerto Princesa City center or the airport, the access is easy. We take the North Highway and, after the Paleco building, we turn right to the Solid Road (previously, San Pedro Sea Road III) up to the number 111. Our premises are located a1 km after the GMA radio station.

The enclosed drawings show the position of Puerto Princesa in the Philippines map, the position of our premises in the map of Puerto Princesa and the location of the restaurant entrance inside our premises


II     Restaurant pictures

The restaurant entrance :


The restaurant main room :


The restaurant adjacent rooms :


Various :


III     Restaurant usage

Our San Manuel Restaurant is huge and can be used for lots of usage. Amoung them, we can notice :
<> Snack for the tennis players
<> Traditional Filipino restaurant
<> European food restaurant
<> Karaoke or sing alone
<> Reception for weddings and private parties
<> Reception for corporate event
<> Reception for cultural club or associations

In case of usage by a wedding, private party, corporate event, cultural club or association, the renter can provide himself the food and the service or can ask us to do it.

IV     How to contact us?

Business names
     La Paragua Services Corp.
     La Paragua Tennis Club

     111 Solid Road
     Barangay of San Manuel
     5300 Puerto Princesa City
     Province of Palawan
     Republic of the Philippines

     Phone : +63 48 434 44 64
     Fax : +63 48 434 44 65
     E-mails :,
     Yahoo Messenger : efinorg

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