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I     The main steps of our investments in Puerto Princesa City

In 1988, we purchased some lots in the municipality of Quezon in order to create a resort there. One month after, we purchased 2 HA in Puerto Princesa City. Our objective were to be able to take care of the resorts clients during their first or last night and to create in Puerto Princesa a good quality hotel but at a price lower than the five stars hotel "Asia World". On that time, the Asturias, Legend, Admiral and Fleury hotels did not exist.

We started right away the construction of the hotel. Unhappily, we were forced to stop it one year after when the crisis affected Palawan and when all the above-named hotel opened. Since this date, we developped only side activities such as a travel agency, the car renting, a tennis club and a bar/restaurant.

Due to dishonesty and missmanagement, we were forced to change twice our local management. Now, a small but efficient team includind an owner representative is established.

II     Our developments plans :

III     How to contact us?

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