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Investments in Palawan (the "last frontier" of the Philippines)





Own your own house and lot in a small tropical island far of all pollution, typhoon or trouble.
Own your own house and lot in our 82'000 square meters island in the South China see. Our island is virgin of pollution. We want to keep its beauty. All cottages will look like traditional houses, even if with all the modern confert and the internet access.
Located in Isugod, Quezon, Palawan, we are at 174 km of the provincial capital and at 25 km from the nearest municipality but at only 5 km from a small airstrip and 3 km from the mainland pier.
Participate to the development of a beach resort close to the oldest human settlement of the Philippines but far from polluted cities.
Our beach length is 2 km. We have already asked a building permit for a 99 cottages resort. The lot is great enough to set at least 250 cottages and a golf course. Actually, there are  3'600 coconut trees along the sea and we intend to increase this number.
Located in Aramaywan, Quezon, Palawan, we are at 174 km of the provincial capital and at 25 km from the nearest municipality but at only 5 km from a small airstrip.
Acquire lots in the municipality of Quezon, Palawan. q
With a new but efficient municipal team, the income of a recently opened nickel mining at the north edge of the municipality and of several developments in the tourism area, Quezon is promised to a great future.
Do you want to acquire an pension in the city center, a lot beside the university or an agriculural lot? We can deal for you.
Acquire lots in Puerto Princesa City, the Palawan capital.
Puerto Princesa is a booming but peaceful city. The city is clean and there are few mendicity. Like everywhere in Palawan, a foreigner can walk without fearing an aggression. The city population double each 15 years. New buildings appears every months. Do you want to participate to this development? We can help you.
About our services in the Philippines.
We are in Palawan since 9 years. We gained lots of experiences. We were victim of the corruption, of some dishonest public notarys and of some unscrupulous employees. Now, we know how to avoid problems or how to reduce their impact. We can help you if you have your own development project in Palawan but also in Manila and other places of the Philippines.
General information about the Philipines and Palawan.
Comme here to get some useful geographical, meteorological, administrative and political information about the Philippines, Palawan and Quezon.
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