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The most efficient solution to get the estimation prices, exchange rates and corporate events

Tele-Price scheme

Estimation prices search:

Since more than 5 years, Finorg software allows banks, professional portfolio managers and newspapers to get the daily estimation prices. This software is used weekly or monthly by insurances corporations, retirement funds and smaller portfolio managers.

This software is the heart of the Tele-Price application that we market in Switzerland and, soon, in Europe.

Main characteristics The main characteristics of this Tele-Price software aspect are described in the enclosed pages reachable by clicking on the following links:
The data searched,
The data sources,
The prices research modes,
Importation & exportation procedures,
The Tele-Price interactive dialog,
The estimation prices selection algorithms.

Per comparison to the other solutions, our clients improve the availability of the data and increase their coverage rate.

Quality/price ratio

The tools, exploited by Tele-Price, allow our clients to get the best financial information at the best cost.

Finorg is less known than our competitors. To wave this commercial obstacle, we rent a license for the modules that whishes our clients and for the volumes that they forecast. By this way, their financial risk and their usage cost are reduced to the minimum.

The professional usage of Tele-Price exploits the InfoScreen data feed (FIDES Information Services). We have a commercial agreement with this corporation that allows us to act as commercial dealer. This allows you to have only one interlocutor and insure you a good integration between both applications.

To get more information about our sales policy, you can contact us or consult our sales policy page.

Tele-Price scheme

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