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Tele-Price scheme

We rent the Tele-Price license for the modules that you need and the volumes that you plan. By this way, your financial risk and your exploitation cost will be reduced to the minimum.

The Tele-Price global cost elements are:
Tele-Price software
(Swiss francs per year for a renting including the maintenance) Module fix cost Variable cost per instrument Maximum cost
Basis module (…) 500 4 2'500
InfoScreen access (FIDES)   1 2'000
UBS telebanking with password
1'000   1  
Automatic intra-days prices 500 1  

Per additional working place 25 % of the license fee (if more than 2)
IS-Viewer (corporate data) 700 per InfoScreen EXC program
Importation or exportation formats 500 per non-standard format
Parameters modification 500 per codes modification
Installation, formation 2'400   fix amount (optional)
Assistance (after the formation), hot-line 200 per work hour

Per financial "instrument", we mean each financial asset managed by Tele-Price. In it, are included shares, bonds, options, futures, indices, commodities and exchange rates (spots, forwards, notes, ...)..

In a further step, the client can increase (or reduce) its number of financial instruments by paying (or crediting) the cost of this number modification, "prorata temporis"..

In a further step, the client can acquire Tele-Price additional modules by paying only their extra-cost.

The Tele-Price requirements are: a P.C. with 192 MB Ram, "MS-Windows" and "MS-Explorer".

According to the selected modules, the data flow to access.


The InfoScreen cost is function of the needed data. Most of our clients needs only of InfoScreen Win/Client "bourse". If a client works with exotic currencies or commodities, FIDES Information Services has the complementary needed modules.

In his budget, the client has also to include the stock exchanges taxes (if InfoScreen is used during the day and the user does not accept delayed quotes) and the bus cost (except if the user works through the Internet).

Under reserve of confirmation by FIDES Information Services, the main elements of the InfoScreen costs are:

(Swiss francs per month) First
2 to 4
5 to 10
From user 11
InfoScreen Win or Client, "bourse" 660 510 460 390
InfoScreen Win or Client, "bourse" + "devises" 980 880 780 740

FIDES Information Services grants a discount to the SAAM/VSV/ASG members.

The stock exchange costs are low if the user accepts to receive only the closing prices or to get quotes with some delays. But if real time data are mandatory, according to the needed stock exchanges, this cost can reach some hundreds of Swiss francs per month.

Tele-Price scheme

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