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The most efficient solution to get the estimation prices, exchange rates and corporate events

Tele-Price scheme

The Tele-Price goal is to provide you the best financial data at the best price. To achieve it, the software searches them from well known feeds such as FIDES Information Services, UBS, Credit Suisse Group, Telekurs Financial and some Internet sites. By comparisons to other solutions, you will improve the availability of the data, increase the number of prices found and will reduce your costs.

The main modules:

Basis module
    Stock exchange prices Exchange rates

This is the software basement. It downloads periodically the estimation prices and the exchange rates from banking Internet sites. This module exports the data to your back-office or management software.

If your needs correspond to these tasks, the basis modules will be enough for you and will present the best quality/cost ratio.

InfoScreen access
    Stock exchange prices Exchange rates Real time quotes InfoScreen

This module exploits the InfoScreen professional data flow through a direct connection or the Internet. It provides the financial data (prices, exchange rates, interest rates, news, prices graph, technical charts, bonds selection motor, warrant and options valuations, …) in real time. This flow is a service of FIDES Information Services.

With it, Tele-Price to recover the last known stock exchange prices (shares, bonds, options, futures, …) or the closing ones and the exchange rates at any time. With these real time or batch data, Tele-Price will update your administrative database.

Our clients benefit of a coverage rate going from 92 to 99 % despite our competitors, even well known, reach usually between 88 and 93 %.

    Real time quotes Stock exchange prices Exchange rates

Tele-Price is able to search automatically intra-days prices. The elapse time between 2 researches can be very short, even lower than one minute. In addition, the user can define groups of securities or currencies that have different research schedules.

By this way, the clients can feed automatically a chart model and/or reduce the number of the "on line" prices queries of their portfolio managers. This facility does not dispense our clients to pay the stock exchanges fees.

Functions description:

    Stock exchange prices Estimation prices
    Real time quotes Real time prices
    Exchange rates Exchange rates (spot & forwards)

Tariffs, marketing informations:


Tele-Price does not require heavy investments. We rent a license for the modules that you need and the volumes that you plan. By this way, your financial risk and your exploitation cost will be reduced to the minimum.

We observed that, at equal quality, all our clients got an heavy reduction of their global budget.

Tele-Price scheme

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