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The most efficient solution to get the estimation prices, exchange rates and corporate events

Tele-Price scheme

Real time quotations

Tele-Price is able to search automatically intra-days prices. The elapse time between two searches can be very short, even lower than one minute.

In addition, the user can define groups of securities or currencies that have different research schedules.

By this way, the clients can feed automatically a chart model and distribute internally the prices in order to reduce the number of the "on line" prices queries of their portfolio managers. This facility does not dispense our clients to pay the stock exchanges fees.

InfoScreen Win

Complementarily, as Tele-Price takes the prices from a real time data feed, InfoScreen of FIDES Information Services, this feed can be used during the day. Several of our clients do it and allocate the InfoScreen feed to a portfolio manager or the back office team during the day.

The only direct cost related to this usage is the electricity. The indirect cost to study in such a case are a leased line for the user comfort and the stock exchange taxes if the user does not want to get his prices with 20 minutes of delay (more or less according to the stock exchange).

Commercial note

The commercial use of Tele-Price usually related with the InfoScreen data flow of FIDES Information Services, we get a commercial agreement with this corporation. We are recognized as a sales agent and afford a first level of maintenance on the InfoScreen feed for our clients. That guarantees also to our clients a good integration between the two applications.

To get additional data on our sales policy, you can contact us and/or consult our sales policy.

Tele-Price scheme

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