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Information services for banks and portfolio managers

Purchase cost computation:





The collaborators of Finorg SA are skilled to compute the real acquisition cost of any security (shares, bonds, warrants, options or commodities).

Our task can be to audit the information system of the client, compare their data with the theoretical ones and, if there is a spread, identify which type of transactions or type of assets are interpreted incorrectly. Most of the time, we do not notice any problems with the emissions, purchases, sales and reimbursements. But, often, we can pinpoint ameliorations to set for the splits, free attributions, exchanges, conversions and remittances.

Our task can be to help the client to build, correct or implement the programs computing the real purchase costs.

By side offer, we conceived also tools allowing a bank to check the transactions registered in late and, consequently, potentially subject to an account allocation according to the already known benefits...

By side offer, we developed also a tool allowing a bank to compute automatically the fees according to the counterpart, the client, the asset type, the market and the amount, even if the clients' transactions are included inside a global one.

Our analysis is at the origin of the performance modules of one leading banking software in Switzerland. Previously, we helped a major Swiss bank in this matter (for its foreign subsidiaries).

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