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Information services for banks and portfolio managers

Performance and profitability measurement:





The collaborators of Finorg SA are skilled to trace the performance of the portfolio managers as well as their profitability for their employer.

Our task is not to examine the data of each portfolio and to talk with the portfolio manager in order to elaborate an audit report of each portfolio.

Our task is to audit the information system of the client and analyze the quality of the data collected, the computation rules and the result interpretation.

Our task is to help the client to build, correct or implement a system collecting quality data, computing correctly the performance counters with the isolation of the currency, market and timing effects.

Our task is to help the client to detect the direct and indirect incomes of the bank (up to the interest spread and the exchange margin) as well as the direct and indirect costs.

Our task is to help the client to present the result with a top-down approach, from the bank to the portfolio, from the portfolio to the asset, from the asset to the transaction, from large periods to small ones.

The AIMR rules are one of our standards.

Our analysis is at the origin of the performance modules of two leading banking software in Switzerland. Previously, we helped several Swiss private bankers in this matter.

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