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The simplest solution to get the securities corporate data
(if you have an InfoScreen access)

IS-Viewer scheme

The IS-Viewer task is to provide you the corporate data on the securities upon your request. This is an interactive process using MS-Excel sheets. The data can be just consulted or easily transfered to your back office software.

In addition, the IS-Viewer can provide you detailled real time and closing prices.

These data are taken is the huge database of "InfoScreen", FIDES Information Services product that our "Tele-Price" software access to download the estimation prices and the currencies rate. the IS-Viewer can be acquired with or without Tele-Price.

Among the data provided by the IS-Viewer are:


Main ticker symbol
Security short name
Security text
ISIN number
National security identification number
Domestic national security identification number


Security Type Code
Nominal currency
Currency of dividend or interest
Sector code of issuer
Issuer's sector
Issuer's domicile
Rating Moody's
Date of rating Moody's
Rating S&P's
Date of rating S&P's


Nominal capital of a bond
Date of issue
Redemption date of a bond
Redemption price of a bond
Maturity date of a bond
Next call date of a bond
Last call date of a bond
Coupon amount of a bond
Coupon frequency of a bond
Accrued interest of a bond
Direct yield
Bond yield (IRR) if called at next call
Bond yield (IRR) if called at maturity
Remaining life to next call in years
Remaining life to maturity in years


Nominal capital
Number of shares
Ex-code or Ex-flag
Dividend frequency
Last or next dividend amount
Date of last or next dividend
Second dividend amount
Date of second dividend amount
Stock yield
Price/earning ratio
Date of the earnings


Contract month
Expiration date
Open interest
Date of open interest
spread month
spread date
First delivery date
Last delivery date
Strike price
Strike price currency
Conversion ratio
Call (C) or put (P) option
Expiration date
Version number
Exchange symbol of underlying security
Ticker symbol of underlying security
Shares per contract


Exchange code
Trading currency
Method of calculation
Last price
Time of last price
Size of last price's trade
Last price or closing price
Date of last price or closing price
Opening price
Time of opening price
Closing price
Date of closing price
Settlement price
Time of settlement price
Previous day's settlement price
Date of previous day's settlement price
Contributor or market maker last price
Last quoted price of a market maker


Bid price
Time of bid price
Ask price
Time of ask price
Average price
Time of average price
Today's high
Time of today's high
Today's low
Time of today's low
Today's volume of trades
Time of today's volume of trade
Previous day's volume of trades
Date of previous day's volume of trade


Current years' high
Date of current years' high
Current years' low
Date of current years' low
Previous year's last closing
Date of previous year's last closing
Next previous year's last closing
Date of next previous year's last closing

Tariffs, marketing informations:


The IS-Viewer does not require heavy investments. We rent a license per InfoScreen station that you have. By this way, your financial risk and your exploitation cost will be reduced to the minimum.

A special page explains the IS-Viewer license conditions.

IS-Viewer scheme

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