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InfoScreen Win offers realtime data and market analyses of forex, securities, futures and options markets: The optimal work-station for the professional investor.

InfoScreen Win combines realtime data from the major financial markets with a simple "Look and Feel" application.

The service covers:
Securities / Indices
Bonds / Funds
Forex / Money Market
Futures / Options / Commodities

To simplify the handling, a single toolbar is used which can be extended as required by adding further button sets.

In addition, a large number of market summaries are available, which are maintained by FIDES Information Services. The pages are summarised in a Page Directory, and can be called up from this list.

Links on the summary pages enable the user to directly activate charts, options, warrants and detail screens.

Options and Warrants- Chaining, i.e. the calling up of automatically created pages with derivative contract, ensure that the requested market will not only be displayed clearly, but also transparently and completely.

The "Drag and Drop"-function allows elements or completes screen sections to be combined to form Composite Pages, or to be displayed with market overviews and charts, and be transferred to MS-Excel.

For graphical representations, alarm functions and portfolio valuations, an Excel link with real-time data is available to the user.

A Bond Browser can be used to select bonds following various criteria set by the user.

FIDES Information Services also offers a wide range of news services in various languages.

The Chart System

Even charts can be called up by simply clicking on the instruments. Simple, easy to understand standard techniques allow the creation and/or maintenance of Chart screens with complex contents.

Performance comparisons and numerous chart indicators make the early recognition of trading signals possible.

The following types of presentation are available in the Chart sector: Closing, High / Low, Tic Data, Candlestick and Intraday. On the other hand, using the Cross-Hair technique, numerical values can be easily read from a chart screen.

Other Workstation Features

The setting of colours and fonts is supported to Windows standards. The colours of backgrounds, information text and scaling are freely selectable. In the same way, price updates and Up/Down-tics are differentiated by colour. Calculational helps, such as the Option/Warrant or Bond Yield Calculator exist to support the user's decision making.

The InfoScreen Win platform will be continuously adapted to the needs of the users, and the service will be enhanced to stay on the forefront of the information provider market.

Technical Basis, Communication Connection

The basic technical requirement for the InfoScreen Win software is a Microsoft-Windows operating system (Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP or Millennium Edition). The necessary disk storage space is between 5 and 30 MB.

The following access possibilities are supported by FIDES Information Services: Internet, dial-up including portable phone and leased line connections.

The integration within Tele-Price

InfoScreen is completely integrated inside Tele-Price that uses it to search the stock exchange quotation and the exchange rate (among other data).

According to the clients' needs, Tele-Price will exploit InfoScreen only during the night or will do it continuously during the day.

On a commercial level, we have very good relations with FIDES Information Services, especially in the French part of Switzerland. Usually, we provide a first level of maintenance to our clients.

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