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Information services for banks and portfolio managers

Financial data integration & audit:





Since five years, half of the resources of Finorg are related to the financial data flow integration or the products accessing to these data which are mandatory for any bank or portfolio manager.

Usually, our first step of any mission is the financial data flow (batch & real time) audit.

Often related to the previous step, we can search solutions to reduce their cost (direct and indirect) without to reduce the quality of the data accessed or received. According to the portfolio management type and to the number of securities, the solutions can differ.

We built already applications allowing to convert foreign formats or codifications in the usual Swiss ones. These developments adapt the interface files to the clients' information system (proprietary or package).

Our clients work with the Telekurs, Reuters, Bloomberg, FIDES or Internet data flows. We are progressing in the knowledge of WM Datenservice (Wertpapier-Mitteilungen) and of elements of FTI-Exshare (Financial Times).

At the other side of the data flow integration, we work or worked with ABI, Apsys, Best, Globus, Olympic banking systems as well as proprietary ones and PC software.

For some tasks such as an audit, we can work on a "per day basis", a fix amount or according to the saving generated.

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